Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dinos Chapman - Light Drawing

Dinos Chapman photographed for the Culture magazine of the Sunday Times using a technique inspired by the 'light drawings' of Picasso. Looking through Life magazines best 30 images from the last century I came across this  beautiful image and was instantly intrigued as to how it was done. I'm familiar with 'light drawing' or 'painting with light' but I haven't seen this technique used with a portrait and because it was taken in daylight and  created so many years ago.......sent me on a mission to recreate it and thankfully had a willing subject... my fab friend Paul Markham
these are my tests, using a canon 5dM11, a tripod, an 8 second exposure and two different types of light, a light pen and a torch .. any will do and an iPhone is very good and an acute profoto flash to capture the portrait. After a few mishaps I realized to avoid the blur of the subject being picked up, the flash should be added in the final second of the exposure. The main objective was to give the subject long enough to draw something but also to capture the environment rather than a black space. 

                                                                           Soon after I was commissioned to photograph the lovely Dinos Chapman (who has just released his debut album: Here comes the Luftbobler) who was happy to collaborate in my portrait of him and although the studio wasn't ideal with what I was hoping to create... his contribution made up for the lack of background. As always its a long shot if someone will humor some kooky photo idea. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Fisherman Ha long Bay

 Fishermen pull in their catch, Mui Ne Beach

Tai Chi  Morning exercise, Na Trang

Local Vietnamese take an early morning dip in the Ocean, Na Trang

 Morning rituals, Na Trang